And then it was over…

And then it was over

Before we even started

We never had a chance

Never had much love to give

Never knew how we should feel

Should act

Should look like when we are in love

There is so much left to say

I never really went away

I never left your side

I know where I belong

I start to feel the truth

But couldn’t say it right

I feel your arms

Where they have been

I knew your smile

Long time before we started to laugh

I miss your touch

Even when you’re near

Could you ever keep me warm

Maybe there is just one way

It doesn’t matter if you stumble

It doesn’t matter if you fail

As long as you are trying

Keep on believing

Keep on dreaming

Keep on laughing

I don’t know how to move on

I don’t know how to tell you

I want to explain my heart to you

But feelings don’t wear words

It does seem strange

It’s just too far away

It was never easy

It just didn’t work out our way

When you lost your hope

But just can’t give it all up

When you stuck somewhere

You never wanted to be

When you don’t feel the pain anymore

But you know it’s still there

Waiting for your moment of weakness


If you see just one star

In the dark sky

If there is just some little sunshine

Somewhere in your memories of summer

If there is one smile left to smile

And one heart left to give

If there is one love left to live

Maybe it’s enough to love you

With that little rest of love

I still can try to give

I was broken long ago

I can’t remember when my feelings turned to stone

I don’t see any way to get somewhere

But still I never stop to move on

Along the shore

And through the days

Reckless lights they show my faults

There is no shadow left to hide

I cannot keep you warm

I never tried to reach someone like you before

I know we missed the chance we had

We didn’t find the way

We felt the presence of our faith

But couldn’t see its face

Now it’s late

Too late to try

But still I hold your hand

I don’t know how long I can keep the balance

With one foot in the air

Standing upside down

The world it looks so wrong

And what is left is not enough

And never feeds our souls

Loneliness is what we’re used to

Too much to let go easily