Your way

Walking on your way

Through the foggy grey

You love the silence you have found

And that your feet don’t touch the ground

You left your feelings far behind

There are no more tears

You found some peace inside your mind

There are no more fears

Now finally the pain is gone

It really set you free

Love has left you all alone

Without a you or me

Spirit singing all around

To beautiful to tell

Your soul is swimming through the sound

Whispering a forgotten spell

I would love to join you on your way

To find some shelter from the rain

I need to know that now you’re free

‘Cause I saw all your pain

But where you go I cannot walk

I still haven’t found my wings

My lips don’t move when I try to talk

And I don’t know what tomorrow brings

I know that I love you as much as I can

It is enough to let you go

But when your way brings you back in my arms

I will be here and I will stay