Fading memories

How, oh how to explain

Don’t know, if I am talking to you

Or rather to myself

I was listening to our song

Do you still remember

The words

We talked about before we even knew each other

Before we fell in love

It was like hearing your voice again

Like feeling your touch

On my skin

In the light of memory

All the beginnings look so bright and soft

There is magic in each and every first touch

First kiss, first embrace or whispered promise

That time we were still so innocent

Our love was careful, hopeful

Trying out each other

Searching for something true

Something to hold on

Like in my memories you are so near

I can nearly feel your warm breath on my skin

In fact you have never been so far away

I do not even know if you are closing

Your arms and lips around her right now

Your soft and sweet lips

It seems like seconds are gone

Since our last kiss

But in reality there are hours and hours gone




Once there will be a whole life between us

The only bridge to cross

Is made of fading memories

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